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I am an independent Information Technology consultant providing design, build, engineering and programming services for AWS hosted linux platforms.  I have extensive experience in the design and operation of platforms for quantative financial analysis using external data feeds such as Markit or Factset as well as  LAMP-stack web hosting. 
I have more then 10 years experience in python and mySQL specializing in quantatitive finance.  I have been an active user of the pandas library for quants for over 5 years.  As well, I can provide support  for users of Quantopian's offline open source zipline back tester facility. 
If your business - especially startups - is located in Michigan's Oakland County Automation Alley , please send me a mail for networking purposes so we can get to know each other.
In my blog I write about my experiences with Arduino, classic stereo equipment , and the web hosting business of Daily Fantasy Sports .
For more information on services or availability please  Contact Me .

Arduino Transistor Identification and Transfer Curve Tester - Part 2

Arduino Transistor Identification and Transfer Curve Tester RelayBoard

In part 1 of this series, we reviewed the block diagram and discussed the additional chips that I used for my Arduino based transistor identification and automated test tool.  In this article, we will look at the wiring diagram.  There is no critical wiring or timing path, so any of the common prototype or point-to-point  wiring boards will do.
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Arduino Transistor Identification and Transfer Curve Tester - Part 1

At, we have a lot of transistors collected over the years.  Many are unmarked and we are not always sure if the device is functional or has sufficient gain for our projects.  Our solution was to build an Arduino based test device that wil positively identify each lead, the type (PNP vs NPN), material (Silicon or Germanium), and then collect enough data points for us to determine the gain and DC transfer characteristics. 

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CR Magnetics CR9321-NPN Current Switch Product Review

CR Magnetics CR9321-NPN

Home automation and monitoring is a hobby of Recently, we wanted to add monitoring to a replacement sump pump in our basement. Our Arduino based system monitors digital inputs on a real time basis every second, so I needed a simple on/off detection system for when the pump motor was drawing current.

The CR Magnetics CR9321-NPN Current Switch looked perfect for the job.


Read more for my review of this wonderfully simple to use device and how I connected to my Arduino.

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