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Bose 501 Series III Speakers : Woofer Foam Repair Kit by Speaker World Online

Bose sold these floor standing systems in the early 1980s which is when I bought my set new.  They look great, are substantial units and I have had years of good listening with them.

After 35+ years, the woofer foam that mounts to the cone and the metal frame had deteriorated to the point where a repair was needed.  When this has had happened with other  speakers, I usually just bought replacements and moved on.

But with these Bose woofers, I was impressed at the magnet size, the design of the cone and the overall quality of the materials so I decided to refoam them myself with a kit from Speaker World

[Note: Speaker World are not sponsors of this post.   I paid full price for this kit and this is an independent review]

I knew before I bought the kit that this was going to be a lot of work so let’s get started and I will share my experience.

Sansui 771 Stereo Receiver Troubleshooting Example and Tips

Sansui 771 Power Supply Regulator Speaker Relay Driver

My Sansui 771 Stereo receiver has been with me for more then 35 years .  This article will review a problem that came up 5 years ago and outline the steps I took to fix it. 


While I am unsure of the exact year, my Sansui 771 was manufactured in the mid 1970s with mostly discrete components.  The schematic for the 771 and many classic stereos ise available from which makes troubleshooting much easier. 


The problem I had was two fuses blowing in the power supply and no output from the amplifier at all.   Like most of its peers in this mid-price range, the Sansui 771 delays engaging the speakers when it is powered up by several seconds and that was not happening.  


Read more for the steps I took to resolve this.

Sansui 771 Stereo Receiver 35 year long term product review

Sansui 771 Stereo Receiver 35 years young

My Sansui 771 Stereo Receiver has now been with me for 35 years.  It continues to be my primary amplfier and it deserves a long term ownership product review.
I purchased this receiver in "used" condition in 1978.   Other receivers and amplifiers have come in to the shop to challenge it's position, but it has remained in the #1 position.  Why does it sound so good and why do I like it so much?

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