Acquia Dev Desktop


We are a big supporter and advocate of source control systems like subversion.   A well controlled website goes a long ways to having happy developers and administrators.
We offer consulting services on how to integrate subversion based code management systems into your environment.  We will work with your developers and administrators to create code promotion methodogies that allow easy versioning of changes as well as cloned environments for your developers to work in.
Contact Me with your current challenges and I will help you get control over your environment.

Drupal version control using subversion and Acquia Dev Desktop

We are big fans of drupal and continue to be amazed at the powerful and gorgeous web sites that can be created by this tool.
However, managing change and version control can be challenging.  And how do you make that database available to your developers?
Read more for a method of integrating production linux servers, subversion and the Acquia dev desktop to allow control over code and make available a synchronized environment for developers.

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