Runnning XEN on ASUS X54C under Debian

I had a need to verify a new puppet configuration and wanted my own puppet master and client server to do this.  And, I wanted to be able to work on this when I was mobile.  
Solution: Run a debian XEN host and two Virtual Machines on the ASUS X54C laptop.   Here are my notes for making this work.

How to get RT5390 wireless wifi card working on ASUS X54C laptop under Debian Linux

The ASUS X54C laptop is our go-to machine when we are mobile.  Our earlier article described how we made it dual boot Windows 7 and Debian Linux. 
The ASUS comes with a RaLink Device 5390 wireless card and support for that card is not included in Debian Linux. 
Read more for my notes on getting this laptop to connect to my wireless network under Debian linux.

Debian Linux on ASUS X54C Laptop

The ASUS X54C laptop is a recent but key piece of gear at  It was purchased to be a dual boot Windows 7 and Linux workstation and these are my notes on how I got it going.

Linux and laptops dont always come together for a variety of reasons, but this one came together pretty easily.


Read more for my notes on the issues I found and resolved.

ASUS X54C Laptop Product Review

ASUS X54C running Debian LINUX

The ASUS X54C laptop is no longer listed at the website, but is available from retailers like microcenter.


I paid $259 for mine and I can tell you I am very impressed with the amount of computer I got for this price.


Read more for my perspective on this notebook computer.


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