Capacity Planning

I provide independent capacity planning service and point-in-time reviews for both physical and virtual server installations.  This service is typically provided remotely, but can be done at your site.
I will also assist your organization in implementing a capacity planning function and coach your team members in best practices.
Capacity planning is a critical function to ensure the best utilization of your investment in computing resources as well as avoiding problems in the future that arise from physical constraints or limitations.
My recomended service is to review performance metrics for all servers as well as all recent performance or capacity incidents once per month. 
You will get a written report with my specific recomended changes in two time frames :

  • actions to take with target completion by the end of the next month
  • actions to take in your procurement time frame (typicall 3 to 6 months)

Example of Actions would include :

  • No server load observed  - candidate for powering off
  • Servers that have been powered off for some time and could be deleted to recover resources
  • Servers needing memory assigned changes (generally adding memory, or for VMs, removing or adding)
  • Servers needing additional CPU resources
  • Servers experiencing I/O constraints to the Network or Storage

We also provide an optional electrical power consumption review (on-site visit required).
Optimizing your utilization of existing equipment is key to reducing the cost of your compute environment. 
Contact Me and let me make a proposal for your environment!