ASUS X54C Laptop Product Review

ASUS X54C running Debian LINUX

The ASUS X54C laptop is no longer listed at the website, but is available from retailers like microcenter.


I paid $259 for mine and I can tell you I am very impressed with the amount of computer I got for this price.


Read more for my perspective on this notebook computer.

CR Magnetics CR9321-NPN Current Switch Product Review

CR Magnetics CR9321-NPN

Home automation and monitoring is a hobby of Recently, we wanted to add monitoring to a replacement sump pump in our basement. Our Arduino based system monitors digital inputs on a real time basis every second, so I needed a simple on/off detection system for when the pump motor was drawing current.

The CR Magnetics CR9321-NPN Current Switch looked perfect for the job.


Read more for my review of this wonderfully simple to use device and how I connected to my Arduino.


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